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    PIR is offline again and staff are looking into it. I appears the sync failed again last night.

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    PIR Login Issues Resolved

    The recent PIR login issues are now resolved. The server failed to sync to active directory. Sorry for any inconvenience.


    PIR Login Issues

    We are experiencing some problems with PIR logins. It is being looked at and we hope to get it back online as soon as possible.



    Recording Studio & Quiet Room Orientation

    Recording Studio & Quiet Room Orientation

    Date:   Quiet Room Orientation  Friday, April 10,  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

        Recording Studio Orientation  Friday, April 10, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

    Description: Two brief Orientation sessions for Users interested in working with the FAR Recording Studio. The Recording Studio’s Quiet Room is an acoustically isolated two-room facility with equipment for simple, single microphone recording projects. The Recording Studio  is a full recording studio for experienced users for recording music, film, sound design and experimental projects. It features a variety of excellent preamplifiers, compressors and equalization hardware to compliment a variety of high studio grade microphones. This orientation session is for users curious about using either of these facilities.

    Topics covered for interested Quiet Room users:

    • Studio orientation and configuration
    • Simple Vocal Recording with the Studio vocal microphone
    • Single track hard-disk recording with the Studio recorder.
    • Preparing for simple recording projects
    • Users will be granted Quiet Room accreditation – allowing them to book and use the facility via PIR.

    Topics covered for the interested Recording Studio users include:

    • Discuss future recording projects with the Studio Coordinator
    • Discuss Studio Access accreditation and procedures with the Studio Coordinator
    • Demonstrations of Studio Microphones and Hardware.

    Location: FAR Recording Studio EV 10-615

    Instructor: Douglas Moffat

    Prerequisites: No previous experience required to attend the Orientation, but Users are encouraged to review the guidelines for full studio access

    Registration Limit:  This workshop is open to all registered Fine Arts Researchers, Research Assistants, Faculty and Graduate Students.

    To register or for any questions, please contact Douglas Moffat at douglas.moffat@concordia.ca



    Concordia Holiday Closures

    Just a reminder that Concordia will be closed on both Friday April 3rd and Monday April 6th.
    Workstations will be available to book during this time but you may need to have picture ID in order to enter the building.

    Official Announcement


    WORKSHOP: Introduction to the Surround Studio



    WORKSHOP: Introduction to the Surround Sound Studio

    Location: FAR Surround Studio EV 10.724

    Instructor: Douglas Moffat

    Description: The Surround Studio is a flexible multi-channel sound facility suitable for mixing and editing for music production, post-production, sound installation, TV and film/video scoring.

    This workshop covers principles of surround sound production and provides the participant with the necessary skills to begin working with multi-channel sound in FAR’s Surround Studio.

    Topics covered include:

    • Studio orientation and configuration
    • Surround sound concepts and terminology
    • Preparing for multi-channel projects
    • Setting Up the Patch Bay
    • Pro Tools HD hardware and software
    • Configuring a Session for stereo and 5.1
    • Working with multi-channel media
    • Editing and mixing workflow for multi-channel projects
    • Setup for working to picture
    • Exporting and backing-up projects
    • Considerations for surround playback
    • Beyoncé’s eighteenth grammy award.

    Date:  Thursday, March 12, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

    Prerequisites: Experience working with Pro Tools and digital audio is recommended.

    Registration Limit: 5 participants per session. This workshop is open to registered Fine Arts Researchers, Research Assistants, Faculty and Graduate Students. To register or for any questions, please contact Douglas Moffat at douglas.moffat@concordia.ca

    Workshop: Introduction to the Laser Cutter

    (Please read full post before signing up!)

    - This ninety-minute workshop provides a brief demonstration of the Trotec Speedy 500 Laser Cutter / Engraver. The entire process from file preparation to final cutting will be covered.
    - Workshops will be conducted in groups of a maximum of 4.
    - To register or for more information, please contact Marc Beaulieu, F-A Research Facilities Rapid Prototyping Lab Coordinator at hexagram.rp@concordia.ca
    - In order to register for the workshop, please be sure to include: your full name, employee or student ID & the name and date of the workshop.

    Rapid Prototyping Lab EV.10-835

    Workshop times:

    All workshops are full.

    Tuesday, March 17th @ 10:30 – 12:00 (Morning Session)   FULL
    Tuesday, March 17th @ 13:00 – 14:30  (Afternoon Session)   FULL

    **Note: You must be Registered with F-A Research Facilities before signing up for this workshop.

    PIR Login ID Change

    Concordia student ID numbers are now eight digits and the PIR system has been updated to reflect this. If you were issued a ID prior to Fall 2014 it was only seven digits and you simply add a “2″ to the front of your existing ID. All student ID’s issued since Fall 2014 already include this “2″.

    Please use your eight digit ID number when logging into PIR.

    This will not effect employee ID numbers.

    You can find more information here:



    WORKSHOP: A Brief Introduction to Avid Media Composer

    Date: Friday, February 20th, 11am – 12pm

    Description: Avid Media Composer is a video editing application widely used for broadcast, cinema, documentary and video art post-production.  This one-hour workshop is a primarily an information session for users interested or considering using our Avid video editing suites.  Users wishing to continue with Avid will be able to schedule a hands-on workshop tailored to setting up your specific project.

    Topics covered include:

    • Choosing Avid Media Composer for video editing
    • Avid’s file management approach
    • The interface of Media Composer
    • Editing tools and keyboard-focussed editing methods.
    • Simple titles and effects
    • Basic colour correction tools
    • Exporting sequences

    Prerequisites:  This workshop is geared towards participants with previous editing experience, curious about Media Composer, or looking to transition from Final Cut Pro 7. Please contact Douglas if you have any questions.

    Registration Limit: 5 participants per session.

    Register:  Please contact Douglas Moffat at douglas.moffat@concordia.ca

    Location: FAR Screening Room EV10.525

    Instructor: Douglas Moffat

    This workshop is open to registered Fine Arts Researchers, Research Assistants, other Faculty and Graduate Students.

    WORKSHOP: Introduction to Video Recording

    Description: An introduction to setting up and working with FA Research’s HD video cameras. This workshop covers basic principles and workflows to begin working with our  JVC  HM100  and  Sony EX  cameras and related equipment.

    Topics covered include:

    • Setup: Setting up the camera, tripod and media.
    • Digital Video: file containers & codecs, frame sizes & frame rates, timecode.
    • Camera: Menu and button interfaces.
    • Settings: Reset and configuring the camera settings.
    • Lenses: Controlling zoom & focus, depth of field.
    • Exposure: Adjusting aperture, shutter, ND filters and gain.
    • Colour: Setting white balance & monitoring.
    • Audio: Considerations for recording sound.
    • Movement: Considerations for camera movement.
    • Special Scenarios: Fast & Slow Motion and Low Light conditions.
    • Media: File management, transcoding and storage.

    Dates:  Thursday, February 19th, 1pm to 4pm

    Location: Screening Room EV 10.525

    Prerequisites: This is an introductory workshop, no previous experience required.

    Registration: The limit is 7 participants per session. This workshop is open to registered Fine Arts Researchers, Research Assistants, and other Faculty and Graduate Students. To register or for any questions, please contact Douglas Moffat at douglas.moffat@concordia.ca