2014 Grad Student Orientation Day

    Anyone interested in seeing new areas of the facilities or if your thinking of trying to plan a tour, this is the date to mark off.
    2014 Grad Student Orientation Day
    Fine Arts Research Facilities
    Wednesday September 17th, 11:00-15:00
    EV Building (Fine Arts) 10th and 11th Floors
    1515 Saint Catherine West
    The Fine Arts Research Facilities has state-of-the-art labs and equipment, open to all faculty and graduate students for artistic research and production.
    Please invite any graduate students (MFA and Phd’s), new faculty or anyone else you think might be interested.
    There will be  equipment demonstrations, lab tours, Q&A with technical coordinators, and refreshments and mingling with fellow students, faculty and staff.
    Fine Arts Research Facilities oversees all common research facilities and equipment for the faculty of Fine Arts, including research space in the VA, FB and EV; the new Fine Art PHD study area in the FB and what was formerly referred to as Hexagram on the 10th and 11th floor of the EV building. Hexagram continues to be a research center that brings together artists/researchers from across Concordia and fosters work in a broad range of interdisciplinary domains relating to new media art, design and technology.


    Summer Hours End

    Just a reminder that Concordia summer hours have ended and this Friday, August 22nd, we are back to a 9-5 schedule.


    New Name, URL, Email

    Fine Arts Research Facilities is our new name and you should note our new web url and general email contact:



    The old email, hexagram@concordia.ca will forward to the new address and the old website will redirect for the foreseeable future.


    The name Hexagram will continue to be used by the Research Centre:



    July 24 Fantasia party

    This evening Fantasia will be having a large BBQ party on the 11 floor terrace. This is just one of those events that we need to accept will likely be disruptive to the surrounding areas so it is probably best to plan to stay away.

    The call is coming from inside the building

    At about 12:30 today (Friday July 18th) a major denial-of-service attack was detected as coming from a computer on our subnet within the EV building and IITS has had to shutdown the whole subnet. This means there is no network access on the Fine Arts side of the 10th and 11th floor of the EV and this may create problems for users logging into any system that might require network access. IITS is looking into this but they have limited staff on the weekend and it is unlikely this will be resolved before Monday.

    Please remember to keep your own computers security protocols up to date. If you haven’t checked them in awhile, now might be a good time.


    Upcoming Closures

    We will be closed from Friday June 20th at 1pm to Wednesday June 25th at 9am and then again from Friday July 27th at 1pm to Wednesday July 2nd at 9am.

    Workstations can continue to be booked as usual but staff will not be available during those times.


    Concordia Summer Fridays

    This Friday is the beginning of Concordia Summer Fridays.
    The University will close at 1pm on Fridays from June 13th to August 15th.
    Facilities will continue to be available but no staff will be on hand for assistance.

    Limited Technical Support in Digital Imaging

    Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be limited technical support available in the Digital Imaging lab for the remainder of June and all the accreditations scheduled for June are cancelled. If you expected to take one of the June accreditations for cameras or workstations, please contact us at hexagram.di@concordia.ca and we will try and make other arrangements but please be patient as there will likely be some delays.

    New Black Box projector option

    Users of the Fine Arts Research Black Box space now have the option of accessing the 5000 lumens Sony SRX-R105 projector which is permanently installed in the Black Box booth.  Users can connect their video source (laptop, media player etc.) via a DVI cable through a provided Matrox HD-SDI converter.  For information on how to get access to the projector during your Black Box booking please contact the Resource Coordinator at hexagram.td@concordia.ca.  For specs on the projector please visit http://hexvid.hexagram.ca/hexagram-projectors/.  For specs on the converter please visit http://hexvid.hexagram.ca/?p=528.

    PIR Update – May 21st

    Tomorrow, Wednesday May 21st we’ll be performing a update to our Web Checkout server and the PIR booking system. Please refrain from using PIR between 10am and 11:30 and note that the availability calendars may  give false information.