Registration Form

If you have active status in one of the eligible categories you may register to access Fine Arts Research labs, workstations and portable equipment. To register, you must submit this form together with the required support documents. Support documents can be uploaded or submitted to the Fine Arts Research office (EV8.465), in person, by mail, email or fax. For faxed documents, please call or email to confirm receipt. The registration process will take at least a week once the documents have been received.


  • Please add all ID's that apply:
  • If you are unable to provide a partner University ID then your Drivers License Number will be used temporarily and you will need to update us once your new ID is issued.


  • Fine Arts Graduate students are no longer required to submit a registration form. If you have received a notice to renew your registration you can ignore it. This process is now linked to Concordia's student registration system so only actively enrolled students will link. Registration will end when a student graduates or takes a leave of absence.
  • No additional document are required. Researcher status will be validated with Concordia Institute for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology.
  • A Research Assistant's registration will not be processed until the hiring Researcher completes the online RA Confirmation form and uploads a copy of the RA contract
  • Permanent Faculty are not required to submit additional documents.
  • Non-permanent Faculty are required to submit a copy of current teaching contract. The registration period is strictly determined by contract start and end dates, and registration documents must be resubmitted at the beginning of each new contract.
  • All Visiting Researchers must have been formally invited in accordance with the Policy on Academic Visitors and approved by the Associate Dean of Research for Fine Arts.
  • Fine Arts PHD students will be registered with "research" status with no additional information required.
  • A Concordia Institute Student is any Concordia student working directly with a Concordia Institute Researcher. Status will be validated with Concordia Institute for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology.
  • Any required documents can be uploaded here or delivered to EV8.465:

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